Breast Cancer and Lifestyle / Pregnancy

Breast Cancer can occur as genetic effect, during pregnancy. Daily lifestyle routines which are not healthy can cause breast cancer such as breastfeeding additionally influence the danger of breast tumour, if a woman is encouraging one infant for one year is less exposed to tumour with the woman bolstering two children 6-6 months each. Women that are dependent on liquor are at high danger of breast malignancy. Few women go for Hormone substitution treatment to treat menopausal side effects it builds danger of breast growth in them. Keeping up a solid eating routine decreases the danger of breast malignancy , as dietary components help in hormone adjusting and impact the odds of building up an illness in ladies. So day by day way of life influences add considerable measure on danger of breast tumour.
  • Relation of Obesity with Breast Cancer
  • Stress and Breast Cancer
  • Alcohol and Breast Cancer
  • Diet and Myths related to Breast Cancer
  • Exercise
  • Tests and examination
  • Treatment during Pregnancy
  • Study of Cancer Cells During Pregnancy
  • Factors affecting Recovery of Breast Cancer during Pregnancy

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