Clinical Trials and Research in Breast Cancer

Clinical Trials on Breast Cancer have found to be optional, individuals enrol under the clinical trials as treatments too, pre-clinical trials are done on mice to find the adverse effects. Individual can voluntarily participate in certain clinical trials done in Breast Cancer. Pre-clinical trials help in understanding whether the treatment is safe or not. Side effects are there for all treatments done in breast cancer and can be sorted out during clinical trials. Research in breast cancer can be related to clinical trials as well. Currently researches of Breast cancer is happening in genetic level. Healthcare experts believe there are faulty genes affecting the breast in adverse way. Doctors are learning by evaluating families and generations who have a fault in the certain genes and exposure to breast cancer.

  • Phase 1 (phase I) trials study whether a new treatment is safe to use. over a range of doses
  • Phase 2 (phase II) trials study how well a treatment works for a certain cancer, such as breast cancer.
  • Phase 3 (phase III) trials study how well a new treatment (including surgical procedures) works.
  • Phase 4 (phase IV) trials study the long-term side effects of treatments or answer new questions about the treatment
  • Cohert and Case Studies
  • Screening and Prevention Trials
  • Better Treatments with Fewer Side Effects
  • Breast Cancer recent research
  • Anti-medicines of Breast Cancer.

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