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The 9th Euro Congress on Breast Cancer, Women’s Health and Therapeutics welcomes you to Paris, France in the month of February from 25-26 2019. Our conference creates a platform for researchers, healthcare professionals, health practitioners, doctor’s scientists, oncologists, breast cancer surgeons, cancer specialists, gynecologists and individual’s related to Women’s health to share their knowledge and research work. The Breast Cancer 2019 conference consist of 16 sessions and relevant sub tracks which cover each aspect of Breast Cancer, Women’s Health and Therapeutics.

We make your research work and globalize and accessible from every part of the world, we create the utmost networking opportunity which would help the attendees to collaborate with renown medicinal companies and sponsorship opportunities for research.

Why Paris

Paris, France is the second largest Economically active city. The net GDP OF Paris was estimated to be 688 $BN. 26.9% are involved in healthcare, social services and public administration, 75% of the medical care is free in both public and private sectors and France uses 11.6% of GDP on healthcare. The research sector of medicine and healthcare has been developed. Paris France makes a great destination to host, visit and explore the beauty.

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