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About Conference

For years, Allied Academies has hosted international conferences in the fields of neurology, oncology, nutrition and fitness, pharmacology, and other life science-related programs, ensuring that the greatest research and scholarship are presented. We cater to the scientific community by organizing conferences, publishing academic journals, and bringing out new technical and scientific achievements.

The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers, scientists, doctors, young academics, and other healthcare professionals for the advancement of knowledge at one location, to discuss current trends and developments in breast cancer research, To investigate the possibilities and consider the challenges in the development of women health and treatments. and to identify new strategies to advance the research on Breast cancer, women’s health, and therapeutics in the near future.

The scientific sessions will cover topics such as Breast cancer surgery, therapy, male breast cancer, gynecology and obstetrics, and the latest clinical trials, among others. This congress supplies researchers with information on innovation, advancement, treatments, and development, as well as serves as a fantastic forum for discussion.

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